My time spent with the Umthathi Training Project formed the basis of my documentary in 2011. The project is based in the Eastern Cape and provides developmental education and training in organic permaculture cultivation methods and helps schools and communities in rural and Peri-urban areas to enhance healthy bodies and sustain their own livelihoods through vegetable and indigenous plant cultivation.

The process of making my documentary will be explained in more detail below...

The Process

This documentary is broken down into 3 stages: the proposal, the process and my reflection. During the proposal, I discuss my overall plan and vision for my documentary. In section 2, the process, I talk about how I have gone about the process of research and content gathering for my documentary, by creating an audio essay and series of listening diaries. You can read up on my audio diary process by clicking on this link. In the final section, I reflect back on the process, what I did and how it was achieved. You can listen to these through my radio talks at the end of this page.

Section 1: My Plans

A work of art is “a corner of nature seen through a temperament”, Michael Rabiger quoting Emile Zola, and thus a documentary serves a similar function, while working with actuality. I find this fascinating, as I share Rabiger's views. Seeing the documentary maker as taking his or her audience on a journey, by exploring the thoughts and feelings of the people that we meet along this journey, and ultimately a documentary can “widen human knowledge”. The journey becomes possible as documentaries draw on creative imagination in order to form a ‘theatre of the mind'.

So I kicked off my this journey by creating a documentary proposal.

Section 2: From Plan to Product

In my audio essay I delve deep into the process I adopt, what I learned, the challenges, etc... and discovered my own documentary style by listening to those of other documentary makers, during which I completed a series of listening diaries...

Section 3: Reflecting Back

And so it begins... a reflection from the very beginning; the planning, difficulties of narrowing down a topic, and finding the perfect sources...

A beginning... that is what I need... writing a script sounds much easier than it actually is!

It was more than just a simple journey... I discovered a culture not of my own and realised that I was not alone when I questioned...

Something learnt...

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