Elective Project

Over the course of 2011 I travelled to three of South Africa’s most well known places; Jefferys Bay, Pletenberg Bay/ Knysna and Hermanus. Even though these places are well know, I wanted to show travellers snapshots of what they don’t know about these various places, giving them a glimce into a world they don’t often see. I let the locals, not the tourism; tell their stories and ways of life, and pulled away ‘the holiday experience’ and rather show the raw understanding of what makes a place so special.

I aimed to create a platform, in the form of a web page, in which to share my journeys. I showcase a series of three sound slides, blog entries and photography. By doing this I hoped to show a travel experience through my own eyes, of what I see, hear and discover. Most importantly, the purpose of this platform is for it to be sustainable. I am able to continue using it, expanding and adding to the Web page even after my elective project was completed in 2011; and to further use it as a platform for future career opportunities. The audience I would like to attract is that of travellers who don’t just want to know the typical tourist sites, but rather to live a travel experience through its people, beauty and culture.