Participatory Production

Umthathi Training Project 
"Empowering people to choose their own way of life"

For the next six months (January 2011) my colleague, Litha, and myself will be working with the Umthathi Project, which is based in the Eastern Cape. The project provides developmental education and training in organic permaculture cultivation methods and helps schools and communities in rural and peri-urban areas to enhance healthy bodies and sustain their own livelihoods through vegetable and indigenous plant cultivation.
Our focus within this partnership is on the potential role of audio production in progressive, community-based work for social change.

Follow our progress here.

Journalism 2: Broadcast

During the first half of the year (2011) I will be tutoring a group of 12 second year radio students taking part in a radio crash course. During this time I will be exploring my editorial vision as a executive producer for the audio magazine show they will be creating. This page will contain the highlights of the work produced by the students under my guidance.

Show Concept

Our show concept, entitled Word on the Rhode, deals with the views, opinions and assumptions that students have on the community members who reside outside of the Rhodes campus. The concept fits into the programme brief by addressing issues such as why some students choose to ignore the greater Grahamstown community while others chose to get involved in community activities and embrace the greater Grahamstown community. The show will also look at the other side of the story, by dealing with the views, opinions and assumptions that the community outside of Rhodes campus have on the students of Rhodes University.

The Team
The team is made up of myself (exective producer) and the 2nd year radio students: Miceale Hamilton (producer), Palesa Mashigo (anchor), Georgina Selander and Manuela Cassuto (Techies), Nicolas Rocke and Anazi Zote (Marcketers).

The Final Step

Team Anchor along with studio guests
After many weeks of preparation the time came to put the final show together, which was aired on RMR (Rhodes Music Radio). I'v learnt a great deal over the past few months, the experience allowed me to grow as a producer and furthered my leadership ability while giving me the chance to pass on my the knowledge and audio skills. So here is the final product filled with the students hard work, enthusiasm and team spirit...

Final Show...

Final show Recording: Techies and Producer