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During 2010 I explored my versiltility by producing a variety of audio work which included that of developmental and public journalism. My journalistic ideas were greatly benifited by these productions...

The concept of development journalism promotes the bottom-up approaches to information gathering and storytelling, and promotes the centring of stories on the concerns of “the people”. Focusing on ordinary people, as opposed to officials and experts.


The youth of today are the generation of tomorrow, so they potentially hold the solutions to current problems facing South Africans today. Y4Y embraces these ideas and allows the youth to look at common issues, discusses them, discover each other and share experiences on a radio platform. The programme is a weekly youth radio show which broadcasts on Radio Grahamstown (102.1Fm) every Thursday between 5pm and 6pm, giving High School learners the chance to produce and take part in a live show while learning new skills in the radio broadcasting industry...Annie Polak investigates...

The following sound slides were compiled while working with the practice of Public Journalism. This form of journalism is similar to Development Journalism, as it gathers sources and stories by means of the ‘bottom-up’ approach to news gathering, by starting at the ‘grassroots’. Public Journalism focuses on bridging the gap between the state and citizens, and between news organisations and their audiences. The public journalist becomes an active observer and a catalyst for conversation instead of just providing information, and thus citizens become active participants in the news making process through the concept of the 'deliberating public'. Therefore the goal of Public Journalism is to promote public problem solving.

iBhabhatane Creche

The small town of Riebeeck East, can be found on the out skirts of Grahamstown. Located in Ward three of the Makana area, this little town is filled with the laughter of tiny voice, all thanks to Yolande Delport who took it upon herself to start a crèche for the kids of Riebeeck East. The crèche is up and running but still faces many challenges.

Throughout the 4th term Desiree Schirlinger (JMS 3 photo journalist) and myself spent time with Yolande and the iBhabhatane Creche. As a result we compiled two soundslides which showcase the positive impact the creche brings to the community and children of Riebeeck East, as well as the many challenges that face the development of the creche, and ultimatly the hope that comes with it.

Soundslides still to be uploaded 

Yolandi and Myself
Photographer: Desiree Schirlinger
At iBhabhatane community Crèche
Photographer: Desiree Schirlinger